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What To Take For A Romantic Picnic

January 6th, 2016 admin

Coming up with new ideas for a date may be tricky for you personally. Going to the movies, a show or to dinner can start to get old after a while. You not only want to be able to vary things approximately keep things interesting but you also want to be able to show the person you are dating that you have a thoughtful and romantic side (you have that, right? ). That means you wish to spend some time and put some thought into the activities that you do. One of the great steps you can take is plan out a picnic to go on. Whether you go for breakfast, lunch or dinner there are a few items that one could pack up for a romantic picnic so you can create the perfect romantic date.

• Find the appropriate Spot – Before you consider what you are likely to pack to the picnic you would like to select the optimal spot for your date. If you wish to choose a place nearby, nevertheless, you have some great options open to you, depending on your geographical area might have an influence on this. You can simply select a nearby stake and park out a spot that includes a great view and some privacy for the both of you. A lot of people want to take a picnic to the beach. If you want to do that a later day picnic could be perfect so you can avoid a lot of the crowds.

First you want to make sure you have all of the right necessities to help make the picnic comfortable and romantic, although • Packing the Items – You can think about the food you are going to bring in just a minute. You are going to wish to have some type of blanket to use and you could want something which is waterproof in case the area is going to be damp. A backpack will do equally as nicely for this particular date should you not have a picnic basket to utilize. If you have items you need to keep cold, you could also want to have a tiny cooler handy. Try to remember things like cutlery, sunscreen and napkins bug spray as well as a trash bag or two to carry things out.

• Deciding on the Food – You will want to choose food which is easy to carry, will not need to stay hot which is something that your and also you date will like. You can even avoid issues with using cutlery and merely choose things that are only eaten by hand. You can preserve it easy and just go with a bit of fruit and other cheeses, pack some sandwiches that you both like, fried chicken or anything of that nature. Make sure it is allowed wherever you happen to be going and that you remember a corkscrew and glasses if you are bringing wine.

You can combine your picnic with some other pursuits like hiking, kite flying, playing cards or just playing music and enjoying each other’s company. To make it all happen, you must have a good car to get you to and fro. Now might be a good time to take a look in a Nissan dealer in Temecula, Metro Nissan Redlands. There is a great collection of new and used cars to make sure you have a nice, comfortable car to ride in this helps top off your romantic day.

Where to Hide Your Journal If You don’t Want Anyone to Read It

December 1st, 2015 admin

There are many people that have a journal every day, using it to get down their thoughts and feelings or just write about what they did for the day. Some people start doing it like a youth and also have it continue for a lifetime. Perhaps you love to write in your journal, but you reside in constant anxiety about someone undergoing it and reading all of your secrets. It could be a nosy parent, a teenage brother or sister or possibly a roommate that wants to know all about you and your secret crushes. Just putting your journal in your nightstand or below your pillow is not really the answer. You desire to make sure you possess the perfect hiding place so you can easily arrive at it but that it remains hidden in plain sight. Here are a few ideas of places to hide your journal which may work for you.


If you know someone is spending some time looking around in the hopes of finding your journal, keeping it of immediate sight is the ideal plan, • Tape it Up -. You just need duct tape and you can tape your journal underneath your desk therefore it remains hidden if you have a desk within your room. This can help to keep it out of the drawers where the majority of people will look and also in a spot that is certainly quickly overlooked but available to each night.

• Within Your Computer – While you could start keeping your journal on your computer where it can be password-protected and encrypted, you can also leverage the large amounts of empty space most desktop computers have in them. Older desktops have big cases that use little room in order that you could easily slide your journal into your computer and slide it out every day to use it. If you have a laptop you will struggle to do this, naturally.


• Underneath the Floorboards – If you live in an older house with wooden floors, chances are pretty good that there is a loose floorboard or two that you could take advantage of. Lift up one of the floorboards, slide your journal into the space underneath, and put the floorboard back in place. If it is in your room, it is better yet if you can throw an area rug over the whole thing so no one will ever know where to look.


Inside a perfect world you must be able to trust your friends, family and roommates to never be going through your stuff when you are not there. Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone and sometimes you will need to take drastic steps to hide your personal items. You could always carry your journal along with you to keep it safe if you need. You could also make use of that new or used car you just purchased from the best jeep dealer san diego has at OC Auto and hide the journal in the glove compartment, console, trunk or under the front seat. No-one will ever look there for it and you also can sit in your car and write in your journal about how smart you are for hiding it and all about the great new car you just bought for yourself.

Taking a Trip in the Dodge Journey

December 1st, 2015 admin

Mcpeekdodge 6.1jpeg
The Dodge Journey SUV is definitely a vehicle that is suited for the family, and especially those that enjoy taking some long trips. It has a fuel economy of 19/26 MPG. Its transmission is comprised of a four speed shift automatic. While it does not to possess the Bluetooth technology or the heated seats, it certainly has many other great features about it. For a great selection of Dodge vehicles visit Downey Dodge.
It provides great seating for five and is comprised of safety with its front wheel drive capabilities. The interior colours of the vehicle are basic, ranging from black to beige, and it has a great towing capacity of 1000 pounds. The front seats are bucket style and come with adjustable height options. For the rear seats to keep the kids happy, there are the split folding rear seat backs with the ability to recline. For power features this vehicle possesses the remote keyless power door locks and the one touch power windows.
The instrumentation in the vehicle is a simple but effective and is comprised of a tack meter, clock, trip computer, compass, and external temperature display. These are all the instrumentation’s that can be counted on when anyone is taking a journey in this well built solid vehicle.
The driver can depend on the cruise control for a smooth journey and enjoy the tilt and telescopic steering wheel. The audio cruise controls are on the steering wheel for convenience. When it comes to comfort there is plenty with the interior air filtration and the dual zone air conditioning. There is no problem keeping the entire family entertained while taking a journey in the Dodge Journey with the AM/FM stereo as well as a USB connection and six impressive speakers. This vehicle is a loaded with all of the major safety features to keep a driver and family safe. It has a post collision safety system as well as traction control and stability control.
There is tire pressure monitoring available and to keep the kids safe there is the rear door child safety locks and child seat anchors. For airbags there is the front and rear head airbags as well as dual front side mounted airbags. This is definitely a vehicle that the family can count on and taking a Dodge journey will be a most pleasurable experience in this vehicle. Check out the great deals at Mcpeek Dodge.